Smokey BBQ Rub (Smoke, Spice & Everything Nice)

For years, many before I even owed North Market Spices, Ltd. I have been making BBQ rubs. There were two I perfected with an amazing ratio of spices using paprika as the base with brown sugar, granulated sugar, cumin, chili powders of various kinds, garlic, ground black pepper, kosher salt and garlic. Combinations of these became our Hot and Mild Southern BBQ Rubs. However, being someone who love a great BBQ with meat cooked slowly using smoke and a small amount of heat - I wanted to take it to … [Read more...]

Turkey Brine

Last November I set out to create a brine for poultry.  I looked at many different recipes online and took from many what I believed would be a become a great brine.  After considering my options I decided on a brine that included many herbs - though not including juniper berries was a tough decision. The brine finally came down to being mostly salt with sage as the base herb and rosemary, thyme and savory in the mix as well.  Many of the options I looked at utilized chicken stock as the … [Read more...]