St Patrick’s Day Corned Beef / Pastrami

With St Patrick's Day less than a month away it's time to get started with the North Market Spices Corned Beef / Pastrami Kit. A lot of time and testing went into the creation of our blend to perfect the level of flavor and balance the salt. Many a brisket was sacrificed in our quest. We’ve come up with a recipe and technique that works time and time again. We source our beef briskets from Penny's Meats and our bison briskets from Park Street Poultry and Game, our neighbors here in the North … [Read more...]

SuperB Owl Wings

Chicken Wing Brine and Blend Suggestions The "Big Game" is this weekend, but you didn't need us to remind you. The plethora of TV ad's trying to sell you a new TV tells us that it's a big Sportball weekend. Instead of greasy, messy chicken wings, serve some good ones to your guests. Baking them in the oven lakes a little longer than frying, yet it will result in crispy skin, moist meat and a cleaner kitchen. Of course, you're going to want to spice those wings. North Market Spices has … [Read more...]

Garlic – Three Ways

North Market Spices Garlic comes in three different preparations. Powdered, Granulated and Minced. All versions are California grown. Why American Garlic over Chinese Garlic? Informal taste tests with chefs have found the California Garlic to be more flavorful. In Brix tests, it was discovered that California garlic is about 42% solid and Chinese garlic is only about 37% solid, meaning that California garlic is denser and heavier. The lab also measured allicin, the compound in garlic that gives … [Read more...]

Spiced Apple Butter – Two Kinds

Fall brings us wonderful apples here in Central Ohio. Reminds me of simpler times when we'd go apple picking in the morning, then make big batches of apple butter to remind of us fall's fun through the winter. I had a bit of fun adding some new flavors to the traditional apple butter handed down from my mom. Since we are also somewhat of chili fanatics at North Market Spices a plan was baked to use our Chipotle Apple Pie Spice Blend in one batch. The other batch, Pumpkin Pie Spice based … [Read more...]

Spring Time! – Pickled Ramps

Spring Time, woohoo. Here in Central Ohio we have some great foragers that found us a lot of ramps. To the tune of 5lbs worth. What to do with so many ramps? We want to enjoy them for as long as possible. When we have abundance, we pickle. This recipe is easy to scale. It’s currently based on 5lb of ramps. The yield is 4 – 16oz jars. Ingredients: 5 Lbs Ramps 3 Cups Water 2 Cups White Vinegar 1 Cup Rice Wine Vinegar 3 Tbsp Sonoma Sea Salt 1.5 Cups Sugar For Each Jar … [Read more...]