About North Market Spices

We’re committed to providing you with not only the highest quality spices, but the best customer service. Our staff is passionate about good food and they love sharing their passion with our customers.

Ben Walters

Position: Owner
Favorite Spice: Paprika
Favorite Thing to Cook: BBQ
Guilty Pleasure Food: Southwest egg rolls from Chili’s
Favorite Thing About Working at North Market Spices: Getting to talk about cooking with so many people and learning new recipes from my customers
When You’re Not at North Market Spices, What Would You be Doing? Checking out local bands, hitting the bike trails, testing new recipes, attending the opera, ballet or theatre,  or checking out one of Columbus’ amazing restaurants

Cindy Mushrush

Position: Owner’s mother, home chef, and bottle washer
Favorite Spice: Beau Monde
Favorite Thing to Cook: leftover soups that I make different by using different spices
Guilty Pleasure Food: Vanilla Ice Cream with Cinnamon
Favorite Thing About Working at North Market Spices: The great people I get to meet
When You’re Not at North Market Spices, What Would You be Doing? Gardening, cooking, cleaning and playing tennis

Latest News

New Blend

Our newest blend is out today, The Asian Sensation. It’s a sweet and lightly spicy seasoning. Make sure you grab some next time you visit us at the North Market!

Spices Blog

Mexican Food

In early May we celebrate Cinco de Mayo with margaritas and our favorite Mexican dishes. However, the enjoyment of amazing Mexican food doesn’t have to end there! All year Fajita, Taco and two Adobo seasonings are available along with all types of chilis and epazote. For this year’s Apron Gala at the North Market we… read more »

Time for BBQ

I don’t know about you but I love a good BBQ! Here at North Market Spices, we have several options for you to spice up your next BBQ. Hot and Mild Southern BBQ Rubs: These two rubs have a variety of spices using paprika as the base with brown sugar, granulated sugar, cumin, chili powders… read more »